In March, I spent two weeks at a small family owned winery in Alsace, France. One of my best buddies flew me out there for reasons that still elude me. It was definitely two of the best weeks of my life. 

I know everybody does this type of thing but looking back on this year, I’m totally amazed and humbled at the photos i’ve gotten to make and the people i’ve gotten to meet so I’m going to post some of my favorite photos from my favorite projects/assignments. When I quit my crappy job at a brew pub late last September, I wasn’t totally sure if it was even possible to make a living freelancing in Salt Lake City without shooting babies and weddings. I was newly married and my incredible wife believed in me even when it seemed insane to try and make this photography thing work. She is a constant source of encouragement and she is a saint for putting up with the erratic schedule/travel. 

I cannot express how thankful I am to everybody who has helped me out along the way. I definitely did not make this happen on my own and that is not lost on me.